Talleres en convivencia English

The primary objective of our workshops is the interaction and exchange of knowledge through the approach and mixing of the different disciplines that make up Flamenco, song, dance and guitar.
Until very recently the communication between the different disciplines ​​of Flamenco has been completely in tune. Today the dancers only learn dancing, ignoring the rest of the disciplines that make up Flamenco, the same goes for guitar or singing, which being complementary to each other there is a growing distance between them. We can see this on many occasions in professional performances, where the singer focuses on singing, just as the guitar or dance takes care of its part, ignoring in many moments the role that the artist has, who is next to you.
In our interactive workshops we combine tourism with art, in our case Flamenco. The student who attends our workshops can study all the disciplines of Flamenco combining it with their moments of tourism. The accommodation is shared in places designed for our vacations, beach, mountains, etc. facilitating the interaction between students and teachers of the different disciplines of Flamenco. Classes are taught by renowned and professional artists.
Class schedules take up a part of the day, but the rest of the day, while we know places of interest in the area, we continue to learn through living with other people who share our same interests, which is none other than learning the Flamenco in all its extension.
Our workshops end with an intimate performance/presentation of the show * "Pasar del tiempo" in which each student has a role.
For your partner or companion who is not interested in attending the workshop we also offer the possibility to attend other types of classes such as Pilates, Yoga, Reiki etc. The intention is to make our holiday compatible with our artistic curiosity, and to make our vacation an unforgettable experience.
* "Pasar del Tiempo", a work that tells the story of Flamenco through the different styles, based on the chronology according to its creation.